Update: Judged

On Monday, I came into work to find cookies in the kitchen. Why we are having cookies before 08:00 is beyond me, but that’s not the point. I sat at the counter eating my delicious omelette.

A coworker came by. He made eye contact with me, then grabbed a cookie or two. Then, he said “Mason, you’re healthier than I am, and I think that’s awesome.”

I was elated! I already knew that he read my blog (he had told me prior to this), but someone had read my last post, and cared enough to say something to me. Honestly, I felt touched. Also, I was so taken back that it had happened, that I don’t even think I thanked him. I’m kind of embarrassed about that; it would have been the least I could do. When I see him tomorrow, I’ll be sure to do just that.

Written on 09 October 2016