Little Changes

Apparently, “be the change you want to see in the world” is no joke.

One morning last week, a coworker stopped to talk while I was heating up my breakfast. She asked what I did for breakfasts, and if I always brought food to the office.

I told her that, yes I usually spend most of my Sunday mornings cooking up a bunch of food (in the case of breakfast, omelettes, of course). Then I bring it in to the office for the week. She asked how that worked out for me, and I told it her it was great! It’s incredibly convenient, and also cheaper and likely healthier than eating out. Plus I get to cook and experiment more in the kitchen, and it comes with the added bonus in that I always have meals I love!

“Cool! I think I’ll give that a try!” Looks like I do have some control over the culture after all. Needless to say, this interaction made me quite happy.

Written on 07 November 2016