2017 In Books

Here it is, folks! The complete list of everything I read in 2017. Rather than write up a more detailed review of each book (like I did last year), I’m only providing the star ratings that I put into Goodreads when I finished each book. I’ll include some stats at the end, as well as links to the Goodreads pages that provided this information. As always, you can friend me on Goodreads.

Before I get to the full list, I want to call out a few books that particularly struck me.

Neal Stephenson’s The Baroque Cycle is quite possibly the greatest work of historical science fiction I’ve ever read. A sprawling, three-volume series, with each volume weighing in around a thousand pages, it’s a serious time investment, but it’s absolutely worth it. On a related note, if you like speculative fiction or hard science fiction, read all of the Stephenson I read this year, and literally anything else by him. He’s an incredible thinker and writer.

In the realm of fantasy, I finally got around to reading the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I loved it! I’m resisting the urge to say more, since a large portion of my thoughts deal with events in the second and third books, so I don’t want to risk spoiling it. Just go read it. You’re welcome.

Michel Faber’s Book of Strange New Things is a fascinating mashup of science fiction and religion. It left a serious impression on me at the time I read it, and for a long time I thought deeply about a lot of the concepts explored in the book.

Without further ado:

Total pages read: 32,207

Goodreads list: here

Stats and Rating Distributions: here

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Written on 06 January 2018