Jamba Spof

Every day, I walk by a Jamba Juice on my way to work. Today, there was a plain white sign taped to the front of the door, informing patrons that their juicer was broken, and consequently they would only be able to serve orange and carrot juices. Of course, they were very sorry for the inconvenience.

Written on 9 July 2018


November 2017

Well, another late roundup for you. I contemplated just throwing in the towel on these backed-up posts, but I still wanted to talk about a few things that happened this month. So, as I said in October, I say again now: better late than never!

Written on 26 January 2018

October 2017

October was an unusual month for me, as I spent almost the entirety of it in EST. Hopefully I won’t be too jet-lagged coming back to the West Coast. I’m also hoping that the timing of daylight savings will help me adjust more easily.

Written on 8 January 2018

2017 In Books

Here it is, folks! The complete list of everything I read in 2017. Rather than write up a more detailed review of each book (like I did last year), I’m only providing the star ratings that I put into Goodreads when I finished each book. I’ll include some stats at the end, as well as links to the Goodreads pages that provided this information. As always, you can friend me on Goodreads.

Written on 6 January 2018

Podcasts In My Pocket

Reasons I Love PocketCasts

I just switched over from Overcast to PocketCasts. Overcast was just crashing too often. There was also an issue that seemed related to the crashes that caused my ‘System’ storage to balloon until my entire device was full. I am loving PocketCasts so far. Let me tell you why.

Written on 13 October 2017