Welcome to fixedpoint

f.x.y.z = x.y.z

I suppose you'd like to know a thing or two about me. I graduated from Case Western Reserve University with my Bachelor's in Computer Science in 2016. I'm currently working at Yelp on the Core Backend team and living in San Francisco. I guess this means I'm an Adult now.

I find computers fascinating. They can also be scary, sometimes. But, there are some areas of computing that I'm more passionate about than others.

For a list of everything I'm up to now (yes, literally right now), check out this page.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me via any of the social media icons below. Technically, there's also a link down there to subscribe to my RSS feed. That won't help you contact me, but don't be that person.

I also do mentoring! You can find more information about that here.


Software Craftsmanship

I love talking about software craftsmanship. I took a course on craftsmanship (based on Code Complete) during my sophomore year, and was a TA for the course for the next two years. If craftsmanship interests you, feel free to reach out! Nothing would make me happier.

Programming Languages

I love programming languages. I bounce around among languages constantly. I find that different languages, and especially paradigms, make me think about problems differently. I've written a lot of Ruby, Python, and Java, and lately have been dabbling in Go, Rust and Haskell.

I started off writing Java in my senior year in high school, like most developers around my age. One of my classmates introduced me to Ruby in the first semester of university. I fell in love with it almost right away and worked predominantly in Ruby for the next few years. After my sophomore year, I interned at a Cleveland-based company called MIM Software doing Rails work.

Then I got an internship at Yelp the following year. Thus began my forray into Python. I dabbled in Python before this (and had even been a T.A. in course taught in Python), but I had never really dove deep into the language.

I also like to dabble in languages for my own fun and enjoyment. Programming challenges provide great opportunities to do this. For example, Advent of Code gave me an opportunity to learn Rust. Then I discovered that the creators planned to update the puzzles yearly. So, on my second go I exposed myself to more Haskell.

I have also been trying to teach myself Go. It seems to be one of the languages that's going to stick around for the long haul. It's been tough for me to make the time to commit, though. Perhaps one day...

Health and Fitness

This is a huge passion of mine. I've written a bit about this, in particular here and here. Oh; also here and here. I plan to write about this more in the future. Reach out if you have a request!

Diversity in Tech

Another big passion of mine that I've been trying to involve myself in more lately. I've always been more of a "fly on the wall" in the tech diversity conversation. I've felt that as a cis, white male, I could easily shove my foot in my mouth. Plus, I didn't have the same first-hand experiences with harassment or discrimination.

I am happy to report that I finally grew a spine and reached out to a coworker I knew was very involved with Women in Tech. We met for coffee and talked about increasing my involvement at the company. It went great, and I learned that there are many other cis, white males feeling just like me! There are groups and mailing lists at the company that I've joined and plenty of opportunities for me to step up! Until then, I'll continue to read as much material as I can, and writing on it when I dare.

Shameless Cross-Linking

Allow me to shamelessly give you some links to some various organizations I'm affiliated with to send you on your merry way.