Welcome to fixedpoint

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If you’ve stumbled across my blog, you might be wondering who I am, and what I’m all about. Well, then, allow me to introduce myself! I’m a Database Reliability Engineer at Yelp in San Francisco. I graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2016.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me via any of the social media icons below. Technically, there’s also a link down there to subscribe to the RSS feed for this site. That won’t help you contact me, but don’t be that person. For a list of everything I’m up to now (yes, literally right now), check out this page.


Software Craftsmanship

I love talking about software craftsmanship. I took a course on craftsmanship (based on Code Complete) during my sophomore year, and was a TA for the course for the next two years. If craftsmanship interests you, feel free to reach out! Nothing would make me happier.

This is something I can geek out about to no end if you let me. I’m always looking for ways to work more effectively or to automate tedious, repetitive tasks that I have to do. I’m feel I’m always tinkering, and some of my latest output has been a tool for creating and jumping around named sessions and a tool to auto-format the code reviews and pull requests that I submit for work. They’ve both been huge wins for me and have probably saved me hours and many keystrokes already. The tmux one even does fancy tab completion!

Sometimes I have to remind myself not to get too carried away, lest my efforts to increase productivity get in the way of my actually being productive! I ask only one thing - please, please please don’t call them lifehacks, or whatever.

I also care a lot about working comfortably. I know many developers who’ve had to take time off for RSI-related injuries, and the thought of not being able to work without pain terrifies me. I’m also painfully aware of how sedentary our profession is - you literally just sit in a chair and stare at screens all day, occasionally typing.


Books are the best! I spend a great deal of my free time reading. Sci-Fi, fantasy, steam punk, the occasional non-fiction - I’ll read pretty much anything! I track all my reading on Goodreads, so you should become my friend on there if you’re not already. I also have a page that shows the books I’m currently reading (via Goodreads), which lives here.


I love podcasts! I feel like I’m always listening to a podcast in my spare time or during a commute. They’re great for news, learning and entertainment.

Some of my favorite podcasts, if you don’t mind my listing them alphabetically here, include: The Accidental Tech Podcast, The Art of Product, Cortex, DELETE THIS, Do By Friday, Focused (formerly Free Agents), Fun Fact, Hello Internet, No Dumb Questions, No Plans To Merge, Pants in the Boot, Reconcilable Differences, Road Work, Robot or Not, Roderick on the Line, Top Four, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s, There are lots of other podcasts that I listen to and love, so please don’t yell at me if I didn’t list yours here. Odds are good that I listen to it.

And, yeah, I finally listened to Serial.

Health and Fitness

This is a huge passion of mine. I’ve written a bit about this, in particular here and here. Oh! also here and here.