Welcome to fixedpoint

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Hmmm, what to write...

I should probably tell you some things about me. I just graduated from Case Western Reserve University with my Bachelor's in Computer Science (woohoo!). I'm currently working at Yelp on the Core Backend team and living in San Francisco. I guess this means I'm an Adult now.

I think computers are really cool (and also scary, sometimes), but there are some areas of computing that I'm more passionate about than others.

I love talking about software craftsmanship. I took a course on craftsmanship (based on Code Complete) during my sophomore year, and was a TA for the course for the next two years. If craftsmanship interests you, feel free to reach out! Nothing would make me happier.

I love programming languages. I bounce around among languages constantly. I find that different languages, and especially paradigms, make me think about problems differently. I've written a lot of Ruby, Python, and Java, and lately have been dabbling in Go, Rust and Haskell.

For a list of everything I'm up to now (yes, literally right now), check out this page.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me via any of the social media icons below. Technically, there's also a link down there to subscribe to my RSS feed, which won't help you contact me, but don't be that person.

Shameless Cross-Linking

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